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MMSF Allen Rouse Basic Science Career Development Research Award

Photo of Mr. Allen Rouse.

Mr. Allen Rouse

This award is named in honor of Mr. Allen Rouse, one of the founding members of the MMSF.

Mr. Rouse worked diligently to lead and serve the Foundation for the benefit of all Manitobans. Before retiring he served the MMSF as a volunteer Board Member for 41 years with 36 of those years as its respected Chair. His guidance, leadership, and dedication to volunteerism carried the Foundation forward from inception in 1971 into the 21st Century.

The annual amount of salary support was increased in 2021 from $50,000 to $55,000* annually.* To date the MMSF has provided support for this award totaling $1,342,500.

Award Guidelines

  • The award is given for a period of 3 years during which the MMSF will contribute $55,000* per year towards the salary (including benefits) of the awardee. A one-year term grant-in-aid to the appointee of up to $20,000 may be made during the first year of the appointment.
  • Candidates must have a faculty appointment at the University of Manitoba and must be engaged in basic research related to the health field. During the tenure of the award, the awardee must guarantee a 75% time commitment to research.
  • To be successful in this competition, a candidate must be judged to be in the early stages of a productive research career. The candidate should have been engaged in independent research for not more than 7 years, should have received one or more grants from a national granting agency, such as the Canadian Institute of Health Research, and should have a satisfactory publication record in peer reviewed journals. This judgment will also include a review of the candidate’s training qualifications and experience, and the support of letters of reference. A candidate will also be judged on clarity and communications of both a written research submission and a brief presentation and response to questions with the Award review panel.
  • The intent of the award is to support the awardee to become a strong candidate for a senior national personal research award and for the general benefit of health research in Manitoba.
  • An awardee is not eligible for the MMSF Allen Rouse Basic Science Career Development Research Award for a second 3-year term.
  • The award cannot be held concurrently with another personal career award.
  • An awardee who receives the MMSF Allen Rouse Basic Science Career Development Research Award is not eligible for other MMSF Salary awards.

*The salary increases from $50,000 to $55,000 per year becomes effective with the commencement of new appointments awarded after April 15, 2021. The salary increase does not apply to ongoing career awards appointed prior to April 15, 2021.

(3 years @ $55,000/year - $20,000 Grant-in-Aid during the 1st year)*

  • Photo of Dr. S. MishraDr. Pingzhao Hu
  • No photo availableDr. Meaghan Jones

2020 – 2023

This award was split between the following candidates:

“Artificial Intelligence and Genomics-Driven Precision Oncology for Breast Cancer.” – Dr. Pingzhao Hu

“Breaking the Link Between Early Life Environment Exposures and Health.” – Dr. Meaghan Jones

  • PhotoDr. Vernon Dolinsky

2016 – 2020

“The Role of Gestational Diabetes and SIRT3 in the Developmental Origins of Cardiometabolic Disease”

  • PhotoDr. P. Chelikani

2013 – 2016

"Molecular Insights into the Activation Mechanism(s) of Prostanoid Receptors"

  • Photo of Dr. S. MishraDr. S. Mishra
  • No photo availableDr. J. He

2009 – 2012

This award was split between the following candidates:

"Role of Tyrosine Phosphorylation in the Crosstalk Between
O-GlcNAc Modification and Serine/Threonine Phosphorylation in Insulin Signaling" – Dr. S. Mishra

"Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Atypical Antipsychotics in the Treatment of Alzheimer Phenotype in a Transgenic Mouse Model" – Dr. J. He

  • Photo of Dr. S. KungDr. S. Kung
  • Photo of Dr. X. YaoDr. X. Yao

2006 – 2009

This award was split between the following candidates:

"Defining Tolerogenic Antigen Presenting Cells" – Dr. S. Kung

"Investigation of Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Action of HIV-1 Integrase During Viral Nuclear Import and Replication" – Dr. X. Yao

  • Photo of Dr. Y. MyalDr. Y. Myal

2003 – 2006

"Novel Biomarkers for Breast Development and Breast Cancer"

  • Photo of Dr. S. MaiDr. S. Mai

2000 – 2003

"c-Myc in Genomic Instability and Cancer"

  • Photo of Dr. D. Gietz Dr. D. Gietz

1997 – 2000

"The Identification and Characterization of Protein Interactions in the Insulin Signaling Pathway"

  • Photo of Dr. P. CattiniDr. P. Cattini

1993 – 1996

"Regulation of the Human Growth Hormone Gene Family: A Transgenic Mouse Model for Regeneration of Heart Muscle"

(Dr. Cattini was awarded the Medical Research Council Scientist Award and had to give up the award in March 1995)

  • Photo of Dr. G. Pierce Dr. G. Pierce

1991 – 1994

"Lippoprotein Effects on Ca2+ Transport Muscle"

(Dr. Pierce was awarded the Medical Research Council Scientist Award and had to give up the award in June 1992)

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