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Shared Fellowship

R. Samuel McLaughlin / MMSF Research and Education Fellowship

For many years the McLaughlin Foundation (MF) has funded senior medical residents or completing residents with research fellowships to facilitate the advancement of research skills. It has become a very prestigious recognition to have been appointed a McLaughlin Fellow. In 2000, the McLaughlin Foundation decided to discontinue its continuing program, and, in shutting down, granted Canada's medical schools a lump sum payment intended to continue a program of clinical research development for senior/graduating residents.

The University of Manitoba was granted $500,000 for a once only payment. This would provide, as an endowment, an award of $25,000 annually in support of a senior resident's salary. The Manitoba Medical Service Foundation agreed, at their Board meeting in May 2002, to match the $25,000 (this award is to be approved annually by the MMSF board) to allow an award of $50,000 per year to a deserving resident showing promise of an academic career with research activity.

To date the MMSF has provided contributions totaling $260,000 in support of this award with matching funds provided by the University of Manitoba.

(MMSF Share is $25,000/year - July 1st - June 30th)

2015 – 2016

This award was split between:

(The Dean's Fellowship Fund (DFF) at the University of Manitoba is also contributing $20,000, valuing the 2015 award at $70,000 [$35,000 to each awardee])

  • Photo Dr. Murdoch Leeies Award icon $12,500 (MMSF)
    Award icon $12,500 (MF)
    Award icon $10,000 (DFF)
  • Photo Dr. Ilan Schwartz Award icon $12,500 (MMSF)
    Award icon $12,500 (MF)
    Award icon $10,000 (DFF)

2013 – 2014

Dr. Guillaume Poliquin Award icon $25,000 (MMSF) Award icon $25,000 (MF)

2012 – 2013

Dr. Christine Fedorow Award icon $25,000 (MMSF) Award icon $25,000 (MF)

2011 – 2012

Dr. Kristjan Paulson Award icon $25,000 (MMSF) Award icon $25,000 (MF)

2010 – 2011

Dr. Chris Wiebe Award icon $25,000 (MMSF) Award icon $25,000 (MF)

2009 – 2010

This award was split between:

Dr. Yaov Keynan Award icon $12,500 (MMSF) Award icon $12,500 (MF)

Dr. Kanwal Kumar Award icon $12,500 (MMSF) Award icon $12,500 (MF)

2008 – 2009

Dr. Colin Kazina Award icon $25,000 (MMSF) Award icon $25,000 (MF)

2007 – 2008

Dr. Marshall Pitz Award icon $25,000 (MMSF) Award icon $25,000 (MF)

2006 – 2007

Dr. Colin Kazina Award icon $25,000 (MMSF) Award icon $25,000 (MF)

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