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BSc Dentistry Summer Student Program

Photo of a student Dentist

Alex Serebnitski,

Dental Student

The Bachelor of Science in Dentistry Summer Student Program in the Faculty of Dentistry introduces interested dental students to undertake research during their undergraduate careers. The MMSF is a major contributor of funding for this program.

The specific aim is for students to acquire knowledge and skills in research design and methodology, including experimental design, hypothesis testing, critical evaluation of data, and effective communication of results. Through active participation in a research program, the students are given the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to apply scientific knowledge to dental practices and to develop an interest in dental research. The student carries out research in either the basic sciences or in a clinical area under the direction of a faculty supervisor.

The program lasts for two summer terms, and runs during the summer recess between years one and two and years two and three. All students receive stipendiary support, presently $4,500.

The MMSF currently provides stipendiary support to this program in the amount of $25,000 annually. The program equally divides stipend support received amongst all students enrolled in the program. Since 1994 the MMSF has contributed over $435,000.

After the second summer term and completion of his/her research, the student is required to make an oral presentation and to submit a final report. In addition, the program provides an additional qualification to facilitate entry by the graduate into various advanced degree and specialty programs.

2016 Students


2016 Students - Class Photo
(L-R) Saba Naghipur; Sunny Virdi; Justin Silverstein; Jodie Christensen;
Brady Brinkman; Michael Rodillo

2015 Students


2015 Students - Class Photo
Back: (L-R) Victor Gong; Gurinder Boparai; Bryan DiMarco; Zhendan Pan; Tyler Sobotkiewicz
Front: (L-R) Manon Foidart, Tim Lou, Lindsay Robertson

2014 Students


2014 Students - Class Photo
Back: (L-R) Justin Diamond; Artiom Margolin; Ryan Howard; David Truong
Middle: (L-R) Christopher Ward; Melissa Phaneuf; Lisha Mehta; Niza Sinkala
Front: Stephani Cooney

2013 Students

  • Manon Foidart
  • Carly Hamilton
  • Zhendan Pan
  • Lindsay Robertson
  • Michael Rodillo

2012 Students

  • Manon Foidart
  • Rolland Gillies
  • Carly Hamilton
  • Victor Le
  • Lindsay Robertson

2011 Students

  • Jordan Gigliotti
  • Vanessa Hunzinger
  • Sara Keating
  • Matt Kotyk
  • Kevin Vint

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