Dr. Premal Patel

Surgical outcomes and complications following outpatient surgery at a new Men's Health surgical facility and development of a prospective registry to evaluate post-procedure complications

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant increases to the surgical backlog, with patients waiting months and even years for surgery. Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba has been created to be an outflow to the healthcare system. By diverting certain urologic surgical procedures out of hospital, the clinic helps unburden the healthcare system and make efficient use of the current main hospital resources for more invasive procedures.

We believe outpatient procedures are safe and effective for a number of urologic issues, with limited complications and visits to the healthcare system after a procedure (less than five per cent), with high rates of patient satisfaction.

We have been performing urologic procedures at the clinic since August 2022. In this study, we aim to determine the rate of post-procedure complications, healthcare visits and patient-related tolerability, as well as create a prospective registry that tracks all post-procedure complications and healthcare visits of all procedures performed at the clinic.

We anticipate that we will demonstrate a low rate of surgical complications and healthcare visits after procedures performed at the clinic (less than five per cent) with high patient tolerability (over 90 per cent). Additionally, by creating a prospective registry for complications and healthcare visits, this will allow us to ensure the safety of procedures performed at our facility in real-time and provide meaningful contributions to the literature.